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I found Megan Grehl through a referral and I couldn't be happier with the job she has done! Megan Grehl Design handled the Design, Board Package Submission and Project Management for the renovation of my NYC apartment. 

I hired Megan initially to come up with designs for a bathroom and kitchen renovation in my NYC apartment. First and foremost, Megan has a great eye and design aesthetic. She really took the time to understand what I was looking for, rather than push her ideas on me. She came up with several initial concepts to provide with me different alternatives for the space. I really appreciated that Megan understands the nuances of a NYC renovation - especially the need for storage everywhere and anywhere! Her designs were beautiful!! We went through an extensive board approval process and Megan had to create technical drawings (e.g. plumbing and electrical diagrams) in addition. 

I was so impressed with Megan's design that I hired her and her team to also serve as project manager through the construction. What's great about Megan Grehl Design is you can choose services a la carte, so Megan can do for you as much or as little as you needed. I work full-time so having Megan and her team were a huge help to me. Megan and her team met with contractors (I think it's important to note Megan only suggested contractors which she had prior experience with, something that was very important to me), obtained multiple quotes, created project schedules, handled calls and onsite meetings with contractors and sub-contractors, sourced materials, completed onsite reviews during the project, and (perhaps most importantly) helped keep me calm throughout the stressful renovation. 

My project is around 1 month from completion and I am very pleased with the results thus far. There are definitely elements which Megan has added which I wouldn't have thought of myself, but absolutely love! I look forward to sharing before/after photos when the project is completed!



I entrusted Megan Grehl to transform my new NYC apartment into a beautiful, comfortable place to live. I desired a design that would reflect my personality and style - clean, contemporary, feminine, and soft. I really liked the mood boards since they helped me to imagine what my space could look like. Megan was receptive to my feedback and also addressed my specific needs, such as selecting custom black out blinds to provide almost complete darkness to improve my sleep.

Megan did an excellent job designing my apartment with a neutral color scheme with just the right amount of feminine colors, accents and textures. I especially like the lighting she chose for the space. She really thought about how to make sure that the apartment was balanced and felt like a home, not a startup office. She also helped me decide in which pieces to invest and how I could save money in other areas. My apartment has become a place where I really enjoy spending time and relaxing. 

I was not an easy person to work with, so I appreciated the flexibility and patience that Megan and her team had when working with me. They were always available to be on site to help with the contractors. Megan was also available for video calls to go over ideas. It was my first time working with a professional designer for my home, and I am very pleased with the results of the project and working with Megan and her team.



Megan was such a pleasure to work with - even though our project didn't end up moving beyond the initial proposal stage. My husband and I are in the Los Angeles area and were worried we wouldn't be able to be as involved as we wanted to be with Megan Grehl Design being located in New York City. We were aware that Megan had on-going design projects in LA as well as local associates, which was very reassuring, but we were expecting a baby and just thought a local designer would perhaps make more sense logistically. 

With all that being said - Megan truly listened to what I was looking for, and was so quick to offer a design proposal that was exactly what I expressed I wanted - and more (this is the precise reason to be hiring a designer!). She was able to translate my scattered likes and dislikes into beautiful, sophisticated spaces that I wanted to live in immediately! 

Aside from her impeccable taste, she had a lot of other qualities we looked for in a designer: quick to answer emails, incredibly organized, transparent about pricing, always had time to answer our millions of questions - even with a few conference calls, and finally - she was never pushy with us when it came time to make a decision about selecting a designer (a trait we unfortunately weren't able to get with our LA designer). I'm excited to eventually work with Megan as Megan Grehl Design continues to grow their presence in Los Angeles.



I worked with Megan for a retail space end of year in 2016. She and her team was amazing from day 1. I put together a mood board and after the 1st meeting Megan and her team already knew exactly what I was looking for. When she came back with her design options it really wasn't that hard to finalize. Only minor changes due functionality. Amazing interior designer! Amazing Team! Thank you for the beautiful space!



I have worked with Megan on several high end residential interiors. Her team puts together a series of stand-out concepts and works with my shop through completion of the last details. Megan is a truly talented designer with a great eye for contemporary spaces. I look forward to working with her again!



I hired Megan to decorate my apartment, and now that the project is done, I can say that I am thrilled that I hired her! My apartment was furnished when Megan stepped in, but I felt like the space fell flat and needed some personality injected into it. Megan and her team did just that and a lot more. I didn’t realize my apartment needed the facelift that it did until Megan and her team guided me through their thought process. 

They led me through the project with ease, starting from the first day they visited. They touched on what it was like to work with a team and what to expect through the process. They worked closely with me by making me feel included in choices and were always patient when other priorities took precedent. They never made me feel rushed, and constantly came to me with solutions. 

When we consulted on the aesthetic and concept of the space, Megan and her team understood exactly what the space needed. The architecture in my space is very angular, so Megan suggested making the space more feminine by layering soft shapes and textures. Megan curated focal points in my apartment, and treated each area with attention to detail – including additions I would have never thought were important! At the same time, each area spoke to each other with matching elements. The team sourced furniture, lighting, living room accessories, bathroom accessories, artwork, and tableware. One area that I love in particular is the hallway. Megan creatively designed a gallery-wall by framing Calico wallpaper and paired it with Gabriel Scott benches and a brass pendant she designed. 

My favorite feature of Megan’s service was how she elevated the decor with her own custom products. Megan took concepts and ideas that I mentioned and brought them to life through her own designs, personal contacts and capabilities. The team designed and fabricated custom brass paperweights, brass candlesticks, and pendant lighting. I love how I have pieces in my apartment that are thoughtfully designed and not just picked up from a chain store. This gave my home a unique touch. Another aspect that won over my trust is Megan completely understood the importance of a budget. There are some items that are investment pieces for me right now in this stage of my life, so she knew where to potentially cut costs to ensure everything – high and low – could fit in a comfortable budget. 

I have already referred Megan Grehl Design to friends who have used her services! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from friends and contacts that have worked with Megan after a referral. They have even contracted her to do additional projects!



Megan is very creative, warm and caring. She was concerned with detail and how things come together. We had a very large project, and Megan was informed and thoughtful about it from the get-go. She is creative force.